Work Place Romance

These are few books/series that I’ve worked my way through earlier this year/month. They all have one thing that ties them all together in my mind… Work Place Romance. Whether they are unrequited, inappropriate, or completely supported, they all happen at the office.

Manwhore22892122 by Katy Evans: a new spin on the bachelor playboy story. Investigative journalist main character Rachel is set to uncover the hidden secrets of everybody’s favorite heartthrob Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint… also why does he  have three first names?? I mean he’s a hot character and clearly they can do whatever they want with his name but really  three first names? Sorry, tangent. To me this was a great first book of the series, it introduced the characters and did a  great job of hooking you. It does have a cliffhanger ending so if your someone who hates those just wait until the series is  done first, and no I can’t guarantee the next book will be the last. Overall I enjoyed the book and I really like this series  more than Katy’s previous series Real. I’ve read as far as the fourth book in her Real series and just haven’t felt like finishing. In summary… haven’t been as excited for these titles from Katy Evans as some of my other authors but Manwhore was pretty great and I am excited to see where the next book leads.

  • P.S. The second book in the series Manwhore +1 is set to release July 7, 2015

23384068The Club series by Lauren Rowe: LOVED this series! While rather unbelievable as a plot still great and the characters were pretty hilarious. Also the male lead has a well done “tortured background”, that is believable yet tragic. The overall plot… not so much but I’ll forgive it because the guy is just that hot. Overall another one of my trashy romance novels that I am rather glad is on my kindle and no one can actually see the cover. But in all honesty the three book series is pretty awesome. I found it from a post on Amazon encouraging you to read if you weren’t as happy with Fifty Shades of Grey but still wanted something with a similar hero. I hated Fifty Shades, so I loved these.

  • P.S. I’m not going off on my “why I hate fifty” tangent… I may make it a separate blog post. Look for it later and then you can post and agree, disagree, argue, threaten me, etc.

20761374Reasonable Doubt series by Whitney Gracia Williams: This series was hilarious and a breath of fresh air. As a legal drama/romance I usually don’t get excited about lawyers. But these are pretty entertaining and have a great twist to them. They have a basic and believable plot and some great lead characters. They reminded me a lot of an all-time-favorite series of mine Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. Two very different series but the love/hate work relationship is very similar. This of course leads me to remind you that if you haven’t read the Beautiful Bastard series you’re behind the eight ball and you’ve got to. The Beautiful Bastard series is hands down some of the best romance books I’ve read period, and I say this after reading them and re-reading them multiple times. I honestly can’t say enough about the Beautiful Bastard books and the Reasonable Doubt series reminded me a lot of them, so of course I love them too.

21965297The Fowler Sisters series by Monica Murphy: set in the intriguing world, that I know very little about, the make-up industry. The series follows three sisters who are the heiresses to a fortune built on cosmetics and their famous family name. Each book follows a different sister and so far the first book Owning Violet has been my favorite but Stealing Rose was equally entertaining. With a fantastic villain, a shallow witch of a woman, this series is a good read.

  • P.S. The final Fowler Sister book is Taming Lily and is set to release July 7, 2015

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Just Finished… 4/23/15

Finished reading a few books lately…

Last Chance Rescue series by Christy Reece: I have made it through the 5th book so far. Gotta say I love them. As far as real life issues and action movie like scenes these books deliver. Based in believable scenarios dealing with kidnapping and human trafficking. I’m a huge fan of action films and that love carries over to books like them. As a big fan of military romance and contemporary romance with alpha heroes these books are right up my alley. Some other series that I’ve read and enjoyed that are similar include: Maya Banks’ KGI, Marliss Melton’s Seal Team 12, Cindy Gerard’s Black Ops Inc or The Bodyguards, and Lora Leigh’s Tempting Seals or Elite Ops. I’m sure there are plenty more where these came from… contemporary alpha romances are a dime a dozen but these are some of my favorites.

  • P.S. Maya Banks next KGI novel is Darkest Before Dawn and is set to release October 27th, 2015. This will be Hancock’s story… can’t wait.

Aflame by Penelope Douglas: as the last book in the Fall Away series, this is the book I’ve been waiting for! AMAZING!! I’ve been obsessed with this series and can’t get enough of these characters. Bully was the book that started it all and was excellent. It was told from the female lead, Tate’s, point of view. I have to say though, I enjoyed the flip side version of Jared’s point of view in Until You even more. If you haven’t read this series you should!! I don’t have a whole lot to compare it to mainly because I can’t find any other series that is as good, and believe me, I’ve tried. The only other series that I’ve read that reminds of this one is Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits. Goodreads lists a number of other books that “Readers Also Enjoyed” but I either have read them and don’t agree or I didn’t even find them interesting enough to read. The Fall Away series is much more grown up than most of the series listed. This is a romance series with lots of sex and very little PG material. Most of the other books that claim to be similar pale in comparison. Amazon’s list does a bit more justice but it includes a lot of Step Brother Romances or College Romances many of which are good but aren’t the same.

  • P.S Disagree with me on the similar books or have one that you think I should read? Let me know! I’m always looking for new books or willing to re-read something, I’ve been wrong before.
  • P.S.S. All five books in the series have awesome playlists! See Spotify’s Bully Playlist and thank JM for making it

The Deal by Elle Kennedy: First book in the Off-Campus series and one of those College Romances that I’ve read since Amazon suggested it because I loved Aflame by Penelope Douglas. Totally great book, but to me it’s apples and oranges to compare the two. The Deal is college based, very much a band geek vs. the jock story, but with a twist. I loved it because it’s hilarious and I also love hockey so the hockey player lead male character is a plus. It’s also by Elle Kennedy and I love almost everything she’s ever written. She is hands down one of my favorite authors. One of the things I love the most about Elle’s writing is her male characters. As someone who grew up with a lot of brothers, Elle has a great understanding of “guy time”. I love reading her books because the conversations and situations that the men in her books get into remind me of the real grown up goof balls that I know. If you’ve ever been one of the guys you will love Elle Kennedy’s books, and The Deal is another great one!! Some more of my favorite Elle Kennedy series include: Out of Uniform, Killer Instincts, and After Hours

  • P.S. The Mistake, the 2nd book in the Off-Campus series comes out April 28th, 2015, and the next Killer Instincts book Midnight Captive comes out June 2nd, 2015

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